Publication is an ongoing relationship

That a writer should page through and support a journal that selects his work for publication (at least the issue in which his poem-prose-think-child appears) might seem self-evident. But lo! How the oft-heard chorus of cricket chatter makes me think otherwise. Are we reading the work of our fellow contributors and helping them (and the journal) spread the word? One must wonder sometimes, especially when we see the Grantlands and the PANKs (recently revived!)–the journals we admire and hope to see around forever–close their doors, call it a day.

The invitees are here and the music is playing. How come no one is dancing?

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Why do I read?


if I could put an IV in my arm, start a drip of words into my vein, one that comes from an endless bag, I would;

if I could ride the bus all day, wander airports and train stations, board airplanes and trains, I would never run out of places to invent from;

and because foreplay is important, no matter what anyone says.


even though there is no way to read everything, the self-deception that we one day will is sustaining and challenging and fun to torture ourselves with. Pick a country or place; someone wrote something there that we can’t even imagine.


thanks–I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

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My name is Anthony and I am an impostor

I took up my keyboard today only to tell you that impostor syndrome…

…is something we all feel.

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GLOOM WON’T STAY PAST MORNING published in The Tishman Review

Well, I’ll be: a story I wrote a long time ago (and never gave up on) has found a home in the pages of The Tishman Review issue 1.4.

Read “Gloom Won’t Stay Past Morning”

I must send special thanks Jennifer Porter and the rest of the editorial team at The Tishman Review–without their help, this story might never have seen the light of day. I certainly look forward to reading the rest of the issue.

Of course, I always enjoy feedback on my work. Use the Comments section below. Twitter (@pen_tight). Facebook.



PS The Tishman Review runs a mini-contest for each of its issues: Readers’ Favorite and Staff Favorite. The former is a live poll on the TR website which we, the readers, can vote on. Winners (writers) receive a cash prize. So read the issue and support the cause–let the world know what kind of literature you like seeing disseminated:


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