Watch FirstRow Sports online, skip the ads

There are a handful of websites like FirstRow Sports that provide live, complimentary streams of nearly any sporting event you can think of. These sites are typically laden with ads and pop-ups. These ads are specifically designed to dupe viewers into clicking, including false “close” boxes, play buttons and “click here to close” or “click here to install” nonsense. Don’t be deterred; if you know where tip-toe you won’t step on the glass.

Tips & Examples

Tip 1 | Tip 2 | Tip 3 | Tip 4 | Tip 5

If you’re unsure, don’t click

When a pop-up opens on its own, or you accidentally click something and an ad opens in a new window, avoid closing it by “x-ing it out”. With the ad window active, press ALT+F4 on your keyboard to close the window (see figure below).

Click image to view full-size


Let pesky ads run their course

Sometimes you’ll get a “this ad will close in …” window with no obvious way to close it. These ads will often present false close boxes that lead to more ads. For example, when you open a stream on FirstRow Sports, the actual stream is typically preceded by an ad overlay that runs automatically (see figure below). Sometimes these ads will provide a legitimate way to skip the ad (see screenshot), but most of the time you have to let them finish playing.

FirstRow Sports ads

Click image to view full-size


Click full-screen toggle to bypass the ad and load your stream

If active (sometimes it is greyed-out), full-screen toggle can be clicked to maximize the window and bypass the ad (see figure below).

Click to maximize

Click image to view full-size


Beware of dupes

Windows that say “click here to play” or “Download” are typically tricks to get you to click.

Install a plugin in your web browser

Click image to view full-size

Keep in mind that certain streams do require a plugin to play in a web browser. If you’re unsure about a plugin, Google it before installing it. (WARNING! Install plugins at your own risk!)

Sometimes the right X is the red X

If you’re going to click, click smart. The “x” that actually closes an ad is usually tiny, hard to see and red in color. REMEMBER: You click at your own risk! Here are some examples:

How to close a window

Click image to view full-size


Here’s a list of three relatively dependable stream sites:

I hope this helps you wade through all the BS. I hate BS. Be sure to Rate, Comment, Like, Share and Follow before you leave.

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31 responses to “Watch FirstRow Sports online, skip the ads

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  3. chas

    the full 1080p ad is impossible to get rid of! please someone post a video of how to do it!!!! ive tried everything from inspecting the page and trying to delete html code, to ad blocker plus and easy lists… nothing works!

  4. Jimmy

    One tip I’ve learned is to look at the status in the lower-left corner of your browser. When you hover over a link or red X, it will display the URL that the link is connected to. If it says “javascript (void)” then you are safe to click on the link. Sometimes it still pops up a new window, but at least you’ve actually closed something down. If the status bar shows anything else, then it’s a fake link and you don’t want to click on it.

  5. dru

    there is a big black aD (Full HD 1080p)… how do you close that ad?! it appears on basketball link1… please help I’ve been searching for sex for over a year…

  6. mike gtrain

    Hello. Ive watch firstrow for years, and I know all about finding the X and all the old tricks, but for the last month or so, There is no X anywhere on the screen. I hear the stream playing in the background, but I cant get to stream…Please help

    • Hi amigo. I have noticed this as well. They are getting better at hiding them. On the ones with a countdown, wait until the count is over and then look closely at the beige or the black where a very, VERY faint X will appear. Again, it will be very faint and will only appear after the counter reached zero.

    • dru

      I have tha same problem Full HD black screen!!!

  7. Well I just started using other sites like and life goes on..

  8. Danny

    The firstrow is now blocked in the UK by several ISP’s. The backup firstrowsports is

  9. I’m finding so many ads on first row lately that cover the stream I want to watch and cover the full screen toggle. These are usually white blocks with no desernable way to close them. Any ideas

    • Yes, the ad engineers think they are so damn clever. Sometimes there is a sequence. That is, you close one that is obvious (red x box), another (blue x box), close related pop ups that open in new window b/c they are annoying, and them the last one you wait 10 seconds before the CLOSE box appears, which you click (even that one will open crap in new windows).

      • Shagnasty

        What if the ads have no close “X” boxes at all. So far I’ve been unable to remove the ads at all.

        • Shagnasty

          Nevermind… there they are. :)

          • @Shagnasty

            They’ve gotten trickier lately. For some, you have to wait thirty seconds, and then the X appears in nearly the same color as the background, making it difficult to locate.

            Also, don’t forget about all the pop-ups that open behind your browser!

            • Alex Guerrier

              I can’t find the X and my adblock and everything else is on like you said. Do you mind posting a video that shows where the X is

              • cornersss

                I just started using the 4 other sights people posted above





                Rather than click on ANY links even in this blog, i just googled those names. So you can see for yourself.

  10. Erik

    Luckily i already know most of these tricks like the back of my hand but i’m glad you’re getting the word out. if i’d seen this post last year i wouldn’t have wasted so much time in non-full screen mode looking at ads on FRS.

    I didn’t know about LSHunterTV and VIPBox, though so thanks for that. -etr

    • I would say that LSHunter and VIP are contingency plans if the streams on FRS aren’t being friendly. Thanks for reading.

      • MartaP

        GUys is there a way to do this on a Mac? my alt + F4 doesnt do anything on my apple at all. Also is there a way to click something so ads wont show at all until the match is over or you log out?

        • @MartaP

          I watch hockey games using First Row on my Mac without problems–I have gotten really good and finding which “x” is the one that actually closes the pop-ups and doesn’t open another one.

          It’s a pretty dirty game that they play with those ads, I know. Unfortunately, there is no way to suspend these ads that I am aware of.

          • dru

            where does tha X appear when the countdown is over on link 1? (Basketball, HD 1080p black screen) I really can’t find it… Please help…

            • Hi dru,

              Sometimes the “x” is very hard to find after the countdown windows. I have found that, either the “x” is a very similar color to the window behind it (so it is hard to find), or that the pop-ups are layered, so that you have to close a different one first before you can close the other.

              • dru

                I am usually good at finding them, but this ad is slightly move over to the right and it seems like that ad is on the screen. Please, click on link 1, tonight. You will see Wat I’m talking about. It’s very frustrating & I might be overlooking it.

              • Where is the “x” on the First Row Sports screen and how to a click on it? Thanks!

                • Hi Rachel,

                  You’ll have to be more specific–the blog post above, as well as a number of the comments left by readers, offer some effective strategies for locating the elusive “x”.

                  • dru

                    When tha basketball games start, please click on link 1. A huge black ad covers tha screen, but u can hear everything. (Full HD 1080P) I’ve search for always most a year to find that X. Someone, please tell me u can find it. The other ads aren’t this difficult.

                    • cornersss

                      Ive never found that x on the 1080p hd ads. You can always hear the sound perfectly. I just keep clicking other liks till i find one thats just p2p share or one without the black ad.

                      Now i just use the sites listed above.

                      So, i dont think you can see the X on the new black 1080p hd ads no matter how long you wait or look for it. Ive even shrunk and blew up my screen to find it.Not there. Not worth the clicks

    • cornersss

      me either erik. I could have written your post word for word from my experiances also. I too hadnt heard of the other 2 you listed I used to use sportstreams back in the day till it broke, then went to firstrowsports,which is broken now imo

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