Please Be Serious

“Yeah, I can write you a story.”

“How soon?”

“Do you have a pen?”

“Don’t fuck with me, Jake. Do you have anything going?

“Some things are going, some things are stalled. Some got caught in the morning fog on the way here.”

“Some gin-sodden?”

“Hey fuck off, Bill! Whiskey-sodden. I can’t stand the taste of gin.”

“Please be serious about this, Jake. We need something from you soon or else we might be going down with you.”

“Alright, Bill. It’s alright. I’ll pull myself together, just for you.”


Filed under Featured Content, Flash Fiction, Writing

5 responses to “Please Be Serious

  1. toni zeisel

    My your hand have always pen at hand !


  2. lsaldias

    Jake and Bill, and gin and whiskey, eh? Reminds me of something I read not too long ago. Nice.


  3. Do you have a pen? : ) Don’t know what I feel but I feel something.


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