Wednesday Write-in #20: Writer, Teacher, Importer, Exporter

Wednesday Write-in #20 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: scribble  ::  a pirate’s life  ::  pistachio  ::  distribution  ::  debt


Each year, during the winter, Jessie and her closest friends met back in their hometown. It was a night to steal away from family, or other friends, or the television. It was one night to catch up.

Each year the questions were the same but the answers were inevitably different. Everyone was a little bit older and a little bit further along.

Jess liked that.

“So what’s everyone up to these days?” she asked, looking out at her two friends. “I feel like I haven’t seen everyone in so long.”

“Well, Jess, I guess you could say I live the pirate’s life,” answered Catherine. She always was the entrepreneur of the group, ever since high school. “I import and export pistachio nuts.”

Jess remembered how Catherine used to import different things back in the day. A local scheme, she thought with a smile.

“I just have so many questions,” said Ben quizzically. They all laughed a little. “How the hell did you get into pistachios? Jeez. I certainly can’t beat that. I just keep to my scribbles,” he said, turning back to Jess. “I’m thinking about finally going for an MFA.”

Cate oohed and Jess nodded, thought about what it would be like.

“What about you Jess? What are you up to out there on the east coast?”

She took a swig of her drink, immediately regretting the fact that she was the one to bring up what everyone is doing with their lives and that she had to answer last.

Well, Ben, I’m approaching twenty-eight, hopelessly single, in a considerable amount of debt and I smoke half a pack a day.

Care to know more?

“Still in the classroom. Still substituting. Looking for a full-time gig.”

Still wishing I hadn’t brought this up.


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10 responses to “Wednesday Write-in #20: Writer, Teacher, Importer, Exporter

  1. Warren Kistner

    I too would recommend making them slightly older. Nicely done!


  2. Patrick

    Really nice dialogue. And a story pertinent to most of us in many ways.


  3. Elaine McKay

    I agree with Craig about the intro as the next paragraph is so strong.
    “Everyone was a little bit older and a little bit further along.” I really like this concept and the line itself is poetic. I really like how the conversation turns out and the disparity between what she thinks and what she says. Well done.


  4. Hi Anthony — no laments from me – nicely done! Love the title. One thing I might tweak is her age – if they were older would it make this encounter more poignant?


  5. Maybe, just maybe, getting rid of that first paragraph would help. After reading it a second time, I think we’re firmly placed without it.

    Those last two lines bring it all together.


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