Wednesday Write-in #22: Mistakes Made at High Speed

Wednesday Write-in #22 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: three’s a crowd  :: nostalgia  ::  case


I’m not about to miss this green for a patent idiot like you! thought the impatient man in the Mazda just before racing around a distraught Isuzu and speeding through the intersection on yellow, whereupon he struck down a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Who knows what that girl was thinking at the moment of impact, that moment when her light went out like a blown fuse. One witness said the girl was listening to music and looking straight ahead when she trotted into the street and met her fate. Horrible, he said, just horrible the way she twitched. Didn’t even see it coming. Someone yelled but she couldn’t hear them. The police confirmed the man’s account when they found her blue headphones near the sewer drain.

Three’s a crowd for a Monday morning intersection in the city.

Well aren’t you just Sigmund fucking Freud! the politician blurted out to the reporter on live television last night. Before the outburst he was clearly growing agitated, his mind no doubt racing from the onslaught of questions that the media had met him with outside the courtroom. He faced charges of sexual misconduct and was acquitted. The media and most of the republic evidently disagreed with the verdict and so the former berated him with penetrating inquiries into the effects that the case would have on the man’s career. And as far as your family goes, sir, your wife and two children. How are they responding to all of this? asked one young media man, to which the politician reacted with his now famous gaffe.

And so now he’s bound for a different kind of hearing.

Come with me, the man pleaded in the morning, beckoning his wife with suitcase in hand. The two had had a thorough row the night previous to which some scotch, fine china and the delicate sensibilities of their 7-year old son had fallen casualty. We’ll take Ryan with us and head west, he said quickly, rushed with adrenaline and whatever else he had done that morning. We’ll live day-to-day for a while. He talked fast and with a desperate look in his eyes, a look made more desperate by pangs of hunger and hangover and the stupefied look on his wife’s face. Are you fucking crazy? she replied to her deluded husband. Where did you wake up in that limited skull of yours? Yes, that’s it Ted! We’ll burn the bills and grab the pills and take our son and ride off into the sunset in our unicorn Winnebago! Just like we did in college! Remember how well it all ended then you mutt? Her husband had a dumb look on his face then so she shook her head and turned back to her coffee and the clear view of the city’s south side through the window. Ryan stared into his cereal bowl with the vacant look that all caged birds master right before their escape.

Ted peeled out in the driveway.


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3 responses to “Wednesday Write-in #22: Mistakes Made at High Speed

  1. Elaine McKay

    I enjoyed all three parts. I liked the last one very much. I liked ‘… fine china and the delicate sensibilities of their 7-year old son had fallen casualty’. This was a slick line. Enjoyable stuff.


  2. Elaine Peters

    I was confused at first then realised they were three individual pieces. I particularly like the ‘vacant look’ description.


  3. Patrick

    Enjoyed all three. All pretty dark.


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