Five questions for guest author Nicholas DiClementi

Guest Author Nicholas DiClementi

Nicholas DiClementi

I am thrilled to introduce friend and fellow writer Nicholas DiClementi, who will be a guest contributor at Pen Tight | Edit Straight from time to time. Nicholas is a witty scribe with unique insight into the human condition, love for what he does and a high humor coefficient to boot. So what better way to get acquainted than with a brief interview in which I wrench from the author his deepest political opinions? (You’re right–a better way would be to share one of his poems. We’ll have one up for you by the end of the week.)

Five Questions for Nicholas DiClementi

1. Where are you writing from? What’s the situation there?

I am writing from Cairo, Egypt. The situation here is tense, yet exciting. Cairo and I are similar, in a way – she and I are both going through a significant period of  transition.

2. Who is an artist that currently influences your work–writer, poet, musician or otherwise?

My three biggest influences are T.S. Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, and everything I have ever read, seen, or heard.

3. Roger Waters and David Gilmour are at your house drinking beer and teaching you songwriting. They get into a staring contest. Who wins?

Roger Waters would definitely beat David Gilmour in a staring contest; he’s far too unyielding and self-absorbed to accept defeat.

4. A twenty-something bumps into you on the street because he was staring down at his phone–how do you respond?

If he apologizes, no problem; if not, “Have at thee, knave.”

5. Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo?


You can read more about Nicholas over on the Authors page (you can also follow him on Twitter @NickyDico).

I do hope that you enjoy Nick’s work. If you do, please let him know. Or let me know.

Just let someone know.

–Anthony Martin


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7 responses to “Five questions for guest author Nicholas DiClementi

  1. KK

    I love this! Amazing on both ends. Got a good chuckle as well. Keep up the innovation.


  2. My honest feedback is this: 🙂


  3. ndico9

    Thanks for the warm welcome, old sport.


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