5 things I’m not afraid of thanks to Richard Pryor

  1. I’m not afraid of being an amateur.

    Even the great Richard Pryor started somewhere.

  2. I’m not afraid of being honest with myself.

    If a man can light himself on fire while freebasing cocaine and then joke about it on stage in front of thousands of people, I’ll be okay.

  3. I’m not afraid of taking the heat.

    Even hostile audiences can be dealt with gracefully.

  4. I’m not afraid of exploring issues that make people uncomfortable.

    Richard Pryor was fearless in this regard. Fearless.

  5. I’m not afraid of having fun with it all.

    If it comes from the heart, there’s nothing wrong with cracking a smile once in a while. Richard Pryor did it at his own roast.


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5 responses to “5 things I’m not afraid of thanks to Richard Pryor

  1. RIP. I was just reading about him a couple of days ago. He came from a very colorful childhood. He, along with George Carlin, are a huge losses to the comedy world. I’ve yet to find a modern comic that has the combination of guts and talent that they had.


    • They are both canon, for sure. To some extent, I think that Dave Chapelle should be considered modern day canon, if that exists. He is revered by most of his contemporaries as one of the best (if not the best), and he pushes boundaries with the same fearlessness that Pryor did.

      P.S. Paul Mooney was a close friend of Pryor’s, as you can see in the clip from Pryor’s roast, and ended up working with Chapelle on the Chapelle show.


      • I’ve heard that name before, but I don’t know who Dave Chapelle is. I’ve been “away” from American pop culture for so long. I’m probably not in a position to judge modern comics. I’ve only seen a few clips here and there – I think their names were Mencia and CK something. Was not impressed. But everyone in their audience seemed to love it.


        • Being away from it likely gives you better perspective than most. Louis CK has blown up as of late — Carlos Mencia has never been to my liking. Both comics have TV shows, whaddaya know.


  2. yes! yes yes yes!
    love this!
    maybe i’m a bit off, but it reminds me a little of this manifesto i wrote a few years back: http://frantelope.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/manifesto-of-the-naive-confessions-of-the-neoconfessionalists-a-design-for-the-new-romance/


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