Essay Published in Red Savina Review 1.2

Hello everyone,

If my attention to Pen Tight has been sparse in recent months, it is because I have been focused on lengthier short stories and creative non-fiction work. One of them, an essay about my experiences growing up on the North Shore of Chicago and attending the Mitzvahs of my friends and classmates, was recently published in Issue 1.2 of Red Savina Review.

I owe special thanks to RSR editor John Gist, who worked with me to realize the full potential of this essay. His guidance was a refreshing slice of genuine encouragement in a writing climate that can, at times, give a young writer great anxiety.

Again, thank you to John Gist, Wendy Gist and the rest of the team over at RSR. I know they worked hard to bring issue 1.2 to life.


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