The First Short Story I Ever Published [Unabridged]

Below you will find the first short story I ever wrote, which I recently uncovered in my archives. It is from the 5th grade, and it is ridiculous, and I hope you will laugh like I did. I have reprinted it here, unabridged and unadulterated.*

by Martin Ceisel

Once there was a boy. His name was Greg. He didn’t really believe in anything. One day when Greg was going out for recess, the new boy came over to him. The new boy said, “Do you believe in aliens from outer space?” “No,” Greg said. “I don’t really believe in anything like that,” Greg said. Greg went out to recess. He played football and he scored 2 touchdowns. Greg’s team won 14-7. When Greg came in from recess, the new boy was waiting at his locker. The new boy asked if he could play football, Greg said yes. Greg went into his classroom. His class was starting math. Greg got his math book out. Greg started the page, and finished the page. He started to read right when the teacher said it was time for spelling.

Greg got his spelling book out and this time it was hard so Greg copied someone else. Greg learned never to do that again because Greg got into deep trouble. Greg got expelled. When Greg went to sleep an alien took him into outer space! When Greg woke up in the U.F.O. he screamed. He was strapped in some zapping thing! The alien pushed a red button and poof, Greg was now an alien! Greg touched himself, AAHHHHHHH! Greg screamed in horror. Greg looked at his reflection in one of the windows. Greg felt sick. He turned around. The alien said something and Greg understood what the alien was saying! The alien said to relax because he wouldn’t do anything else to him. “Yeah right,” Greg thought. Well, Greg didn’t relax, he started a fight with the alien. Greg gave him a left, and a right, and a left, and a right. Greg kept doing that until the alien’s lights were punched out.

Greg went over to the thing that controls the ship. He pressed a red button and the next thing he know the ship was going backwards! Then Greg went to a little stick. “That must control which way the ship turns.” Greg turned it left. Just in the corner of Greg’s eye he saw Earth in the window and the ship heading right towards it! Greg was really scared. Just when the ship was about to hit the Earth, Greg pressed a button and the whole ship jolted to a stop. And guess what? The ship stopped right in Greg’s front yard.

Greg went to the zapper and zapped himself back into a human. Greg went into this house and said, “Hi mom!” “Hi Greg!” Greg was so happy to be home. And he surely never copied anyone again.


*All rights reserved by Kipling Elementary School Publishing


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4 responses to “The First Short Story I Ever Published [Unabridged]

  1. Nicholas DiClementi

    I don’t believe this is the first story you ever wrote. You are going to have to prove it.


  2. I hope you’ve framed the original transcript of this story! These sort of things are really special.

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing!


    • It was a trip to come across this story. Just to have it now, after having written it over … sheesh … I don’t even know how many years ago. I’m certainly going to hang on to it now; but I now there is a digital backup as well. 🙂

      Thanks again for reading. Me in fifth grade would be really proud.


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