Creative non-fiction published in Chicago Literati

The folks at Chicago Literati were kind enough to publish a creative non-fiction piece of mine in “The Wanderlust Issue.” I wrote this piece after returning from a wedding–a beautiful, candid, touching wedding–where I had the opportunity to dance and drink and be weird with some of my closest friends. And of course, this piece was also inspired by Great Expectations and Candide, books I recently read for the first time.

Great Expectations, Or the Baby Melancholy and Nostalgia made


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6 responses to “Creative non-fiction published in Chicago Literati

  1. This is a fantastic piece. I identify with so much of it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I know you won’t like to hear this, but I think your creative non-fiction is my favorite of your work. This piece was excellent–well written (of course, but everyone can expect that of you now), and captures that “humaness” you seem to always be seeking, and that you find a little of each time you write…I believe.


    • While I spend most of my energy with fiction, I’ve found creative non-fiction to be a fantastic medium for exploring those deep-down things in a more transparent, candid manner. Your encouragement means a lot to me, as does your taking the time to read my work.


  3. Lara Ceisel

    Mind-blowing. Intimidating. Dense.

    Your sister, L.

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