“Ill Not in the Mind” nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize

The editors of the website for the Pushcart Prize call their annual collection–published since 1976–a “labor of love and independent spirits.” Wonderful. Start that city and I’ll be applying for citizenship on day one.

I think the same phrase can be used to describe nearly all the presses that have nominated and/or made it into the collection over the years, and I have to tip my hat to all these publications, because without the labor of love and independent spirits their people embody, the work of fledglings like me might never make it to the page.

In recent months, the best personal example I have of this commitment is Pea River Journal, edited by Trish Harris. I’ve watch the work accepted for the 2014 “Burden of Home” issue (available for purchase now) shared, promoted, and nurtured in the days and weeks leading up to the official release date. This includes my story, “Ill Not in the Mind,” which was recently nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize by the editors of PRJ:

Any way you cut it, ye red-eyed kitchen-knife-wielding public, I’m in good company. Come at me and say different. Before you do, check out the other nominees from the 2014 issue of Pea River Journal:

  • “Back to the Old House” by Robert Fanning
  • “Why Wolves Take the Calves First” by Chris DiCicco
  • The Plum” by Richard J. Heby
  • Slow Wave” by Amanda Miska
  • Oh Ezra” by Eric M. R. Webb

Like I said. I’ll be holding all this work in my hands soon, can’t wait to read and share all the lovelies, and hope you will be doing the same. In the mean time, grab an issue of PRJ and perpetuate all the the good things you want to see in the world, because the merde would still cause a stink even if you didn’t wake up this morning.

Fall 2014 issue of Pea River Journal

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