Pejorative Pie: Walker Percy’s “Love in the Ruins”

My feelings about Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins notwithstanding, here is the latest installment of Pejorative Pie. Percy’s signature mastery of the language makes for some wonderful slander, as you’ll see below. But dammit if I’m not reaching for The Moviegoer the next time I reach for Percy.


a dummy


a person that uh ahem well … does “the deed”


a lame-0 person lacking social status OR a species of North American Woodpecker


a scruffy streetchild


a fussy, despicable person (no offense to Ru-Paul intended)


a derogatory term for an uneducated rural white southerner

Are you squirming yet, you worm?


SOURCE: Love in the Ruins by Walker Percy

REFERENCE: Merriam Webster Dictionary + Urban Dictionary

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