WE SHOOT HERE published in Flyleaf Journal

It brings me joy to share my latest (illustrated!) publication with you, “We Shoot Here,” available now from Flyleaf Journal.

At present, .pdf and Kindle versions are available for purchase–I anticipate the print version to come available in the next few weeks. I would be jazzed–DJ Jazzy Jeff–if you checked out the excerpt below, picked up the story (for 99 cents!), and then sent your hate-mail my way.

Read an excerpt here

We Shoot Here cover art by Jenna Hobbs

Cover art by Jenna Hobbs

I’d like to give a special shout to Matthew Jankiewicz and the rest of the staff at Flyleaf Journal–thank you for giving my work such a lovely home. And I would be terribly, terribly remiss if I did not mention Jenna Hobbs, who illustrated this issue–wonderful wonderful wonderful. I’m giddy and fascinated and grateful.


PS I will post another update once the Kindle and print versions are available, in case anyone is interested in picking up a copy.


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4 responses to “WE SHOOT HERE published in Flyleaf Journal

  1. Toni Zeisel

    Mr. Martin,
    I woul like to be amongst happy reader of giddy writers, so please, I woul like to subscribe the leaf letter.( wouldn’t mind to have half of yearly edition)
    Your throughly
    Greedy baba


  2. Lara C

    Martin! Where do I order a copy? I, again, wasn’t able to open the story…should I have been?

    YOU are the inspiration for giddiness fascination and gratitude.


    Skupina zelonaya – L.

    Sent from my iPhone.



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