VANYA, VANYA, FEATHERBRAIN published in Watershed Review

Something new for you to read, something I wrote, is available in the Spring 2015 issue of Watershed Review (CSU, Chico’s literary publication).

Read “Vanya, Vanya, Featherbrain” here

Special thanks to Sarah Pape and the rest of the editorial team at Watershed Review. I look forward to reading the issue in its entirety and sharing the gems I’m confident I’ll find (you know I will).

And hey. You. Let me know what you think. Comments section below. Twitter (@pen_tight). Facebook. I just want to hear from you. I just want to engage. Feels like no one ever does–prove me wrong.



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8 responses to “VANYA, VANYA, FEATHERBRAIN published in Watershed Review

  1. Well done, Anthony. I think your choice to barely touch on the explosion when it finally comes (as it must in the story) is very effective. I love the contrast provided by the image of Vanya sleeping on the cafe owner’s breast. Nice character sketch of Vanya.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read my work and let me know what you think, Jim–it means a lot. I’m looking forward to tackling your creative non-fiction in Lunch Ticket–congrats on that one.


  2. Nicholas David

    This was a great read, Martin. I really like the way the story exists in contrast, with his inner feelings and emotions always directly opposing those around him — his desperation while everyone seems calm juxtaposed with his calmness at the end while things around are chaotic. His sense of urgency is felt, and you do a great job of slowly revealing that he struggles with this on a seemingly regular basis. Great work and a wonderful ending.

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  3. Great story! Many note-worthy parts, especially the description of the ‘spot under his clavicle.’ I think the last paragraph is pitch perfect!

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  4. I liked the first paragraph–simple description of the scene and the pending tension, as well as the state of mind and personality of Vanya–and I can taste the hint of humor even in that last line “He goes to the deli on the corner to warn Bruno”, which we come back to nicely with “Fernanda at the café will understand”.

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