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Anthony Martin is a fiction writer with work in The Tishman Review, Watershed Review, soon ClarionThe Radvocate, Paper Darts and Whiskey Island (among other fine places).

Always getting off the boat.

At a cow farm outside Bloomington, for example, during an elementary school field trip, all of the heifers were letting rip. The farmer smiled wide when he mentioned methane. Anthony drank sour milk. Years earlier, his mother yanked him out of an oleander bush, said it was among the most poisonous of evergreen shrubs and didn’t you know? Never get off the boat. Absolutely goddam right. In a grey village outside Belgrade, Anthony handled a mangy orange stray that would have otherwise continued on to wherever, slinking along beneath a row of unkempt hedges. It was summer and the romani were tossing trash bags from their windows, hawking copper wire and cigarettes. He was lost. Three months later, somewhere in the Vinohrady district of Prague, he left a bed still warm with two friends, went to the corner bodega and took a pack of cigarettes and a tall beer to the Žižkov Television Tower. There were babies crawling up toward the spires—giant babies. It was seven in the morning and for two hours he tried to be those babies, came back to the bed a little different than he left it.

Never get off the boat unless you’re going all the way.

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23 responses to “About the author

  1. Hello Anthony, thank you for stopping by @trashbus and liking my short story “As the River turned Red”. Looking forward to reading some of your work, too!

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  2. milota

    Hey Martin, I have come across your blog about two years after you’ve written it I believe. I just spent the last year in Slovakia, and have my own blog with stories and reflections on my time there. I would love to hear your impressions…check it out if you’re interested.
    Hope to hear from you, Tesim sa,

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    • Hello Milota,

      It’s so nice to hear from you. I discovered your comments in my spam queue for some reason — I’m glad I did. Thank you for checking out my work. Slovakia, as you know, is such a rich, complex country. I look forward to reading what you have to say about your experiences.



  3. “I find new blogs to read by clicking hyperlinked usernames on thoughtful comments on blogs like this.”
    Found yours too! I’ll come back another day to read up. It’s two am here 🙂

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  4. pulplication

    I’m glad you stumbled upon me. The gap between stranger and friend, in this case, is mutual artistic understanding. Nice to meet you.

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  5. toni zeisel

    Milovaný Maťo. Tvoja posledná práca ide veľmi, veľmi hlboko… a neviem prečo, ale ma rozplakala. A možno viem.

    …Ty vieš?

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  6. Hi Martin, thanks for stopping by and following my blog as well as for the likes. Appreciate! Please feel free to get connected via LI and/ or twitter too. See you soon 🙂

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  7. Thanks for liking my post today. My favorite part of your About piece is that you live as if the next bus is a sure thing. That attitude will carry you far.

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  8. Ahoj, Martin,
    what is Flicker ? Did you wrote about Vienna ? Where will I find something about your experience?
    Thank you for sharing, my teacher, love baba

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  9. Martin moj, to je radost citat Tvoj blog. Som stastna a vdacna, ze mas prilezitost poznat otcinu Tvojich predkov, chodis po uliciach, kde vyrastat Tvoja mama, a stara mat udrzuje kontakty s priatelmi, akych vo svojej novej vlasti nenasla. Sme vsetci
    obcanmi ZEME , ale predsa: korene su zapustene.
    Sportovi fanuskovia su “fun” pravda?
    Tesim sa na dalsi blog a lubim Ta. Martin”s

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  10. Warren Kistner


    September 23rd is getting close. All best wishes for a very rewarding adventure.

    I look forward to following your blog.

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  11. Patrice


    I look forward to reading your blog. I am particularly interested in stories relating funny or embarrassing moments. I prefer photos shot during the magic hours of sunrise or sunset.

    Oh – you didn’t ask me what I wanted on YOUR blog? Never mind.

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