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A few entries to the writing challenges Chuck Wendig often posts on his killer blog.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Random Sentence

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Random Sentence (courtesy of terribleminds)

The challenge is to write a story based on a sentence spewed out by this sentence generator.


October 15, 1995

I stole some medical records from my primary care physician today.

Actually, I am sleeping with a nurse at the office and convinced her to photocopy the medical record of a recently diseased patient which she readily obliged in that tingly, after-sex fog that so definitively suspends our faculties.

I just put in my two weeks, she told me. So what do I care?

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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Muse and the Minion

Flash Fiction Challenge: Write What You Know (courtesy of terribleminds)


A muse came to me behind the liquor store and put a gun to my head. She told me to write a story.

“Sit down,” she said evenly as she drew the hammer back. Her voice was velvety, masculine, the skin on her trigger finger fair. There was a desk there and a pencil and a pad and the steel of her heater chilled the skin on my forehead and sent a wave of sensation down to my heels so I obliged her command. One of her minions stood close by, a Kalashnikov hanging loosely from his shoulder, holding a quart of Russian Standard and a glass in either hand. He stepped and set the bottle on the desk and the little glass next to it and then poured me three fingers before quietly retreating into the shadows.

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