Paper Darts: Three Balloons

Whiskey Island: Somebody’s Somebody*

Clarion: Plum Blood Red* (Pushcart Prize nominee)

The Radvocate: Harvey Stone*

The Tishman Review: Gloom Won’t Stay Past Morning*

Aqueous Magazine: September One* (runner up, 2015 Aqueous Magazine Flash Fiction Contest)

Quiddity: In the Shadow of a Cloud*

Watershed Review: Vanya, Vanya, Featherbrain

Flyleaf Journal: We Shoot Here* (+ accompanying interview)

The Austin Review: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Pea River Journal: Ill Not in the Mind* (Pushcart Prize nominee)

The Conium Review: Far Afield

Squawk Back: Sunspots on a Calendar Week

Timber Journal: Some Filament Abroad (+ accompanying interview)

Lunch Ticket: Perry and Vega

pacificREVIEW: East to Asheville and the Hut on Chicken Legs*

WhiskeyPaper: Up to St. Paul (+review at Great Writers Steal)

CheapPOP: Two Thousand Miles Running (Queen’s Ferry Press Best Small Fictions of 2015 anthology nominee + Best of the Net 2014 nominee)

Mojave River Review: Barracuda Lagoon

Treehouse: There in the Countryside, Many Miles Away

Nib MagazineWindswept



Chicago Literati: Great Expectations, or the Baby Melancholy and Nostalgia Made

Red Savina Review: Praying in Earnest on Chicago’s North Shore



Interview by David Alan Binder

The Review Review: Writers Have Rules Too: A List of No-Nos for Magazine Submissions

The Prints Project at Pea River Journal: Anna Akhmatova Response

*Denotes a print publication

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