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Wednesday Write-in #28: Three Days Removed

Wednesday Write-in #28 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: farewell  ::  pocketful  ::  feeding  ::  thief  ::  maroon


June 8, 2000

I have marooned myself with limited provisions. Tobacco and papers, yes. Some vegetables and bread.

I stole what I have.

I made no farewells.

I’ve a pocketful of regret already.

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Wednesday Write-in #24: Emergency Care or Along for the Ride

Wednesday Write-in #24 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: cookie dough  ::  greeting  ::  slippery slope  ::  tin can  ::  bloom


The volunteer greeter at the hospital wasn’t very engaging, the old bag, so I focused my eyes on the Hyacinth bloom on the table while I listened to her direct me toward the Emergency Room.

“Through those doors and to the right, then a left, then another right. You can’t miss it. This whole first floor is like one big square, you know. So if you miss it the first time, you’ll get there eventually if you just keep walking.”

She smiled.

A slippery first step onto one of the more treacherous slopes I’m aware of.

That was at 9:00am.

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Wednesday Write-in #23: Thief Named Bronson

Wednesday Write-in #23 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: kiwi  ::  master at work  ::  caught cheating

The shopkeeper is known as a fair man. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, he always kicks in an extra citrus or two for those regular customers that buy in bulk.

“And here’s a few extra for your juicer,” he said to Jane the Yoga instructor last Wednesday.

When it comes to deli meats and dairy, he always makes room for the strange requests that sometimes come from across the counter. On Thursday, after ordering a pound of Salsalito turkey, the widow Mrs. Marsh requested that it be sliced “one-third thick, one-third thin and one-third standard,” which the shopkeeper obliged without hesitating.

Friday he tossed a few extra shrimp onto the white paper after having already measured out two pounds for Pastor Charlie, who was hosting a group study for the parishioners that evening.

So it should come as little surprise, then, that today the shopkeeper dealt quite squarely with the thief named Bronson who, at the encouragement of his so-called friends, came in off the street to make a play.

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