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Blog up at The Review Review (about no-no lists for writers)

I submit a lot of work to literary journals, and with all that submitting comes perspective.

I think.

I read, and read, and read–and then read some more–submission guidelines, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, all instructing writers on how to be courteous and effective before, during, and after the submission process. All of this advice is usually quite sound, of benefit to any writer thinking of submitting their work for publication.

Yet, throughout my experience submitting work to journals, I’ve also noticed some rather dubious submission practices on the editorial side of things, some of them little, some of them rather blatant. So I made a list of the eight I notice most, and submitted them to the inimitable The Review Review, which has published my list here:

Writers Have Rules Too: A List of No-Nos for Magazine Submissions

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Short Story Accepted by Nib Magazine

I am delighted to announce that my short story, “Windswept”, was selected by Nib Magazine for publication in their debut issue.

You can read a little bit about this story’s journey from rejection to selection here:

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