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Flash Fiction published in Mojave River Review

Today is the day that Mojave River Press released its first issue of Mojave River Review. In it, among other compelling and eclectic work, you will find a flash fiction story that I wrote.

Barracuda Lagoon

I do hope you enjoy reading this piece. I know I will enjoy reading the rest of this issue–if editor Michael Dwayne Smith’s foreword is any indication, Mojave River Review will be full of the good, weird, heartbreaking stuff that always makes me sing.

P.S. Stay tuned to some upcoming publications, including my inclusion in the upcoming print issue of pacificREVIEW.


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A couple of updates for the new year

I love you.

Some of my friends, family and fellow readers have been asking, so here goes. I have a few publications upcoming in early 2014, namely:

All flash fiction (approximately 500-1500 words) here. I dig flash, immensely. I also really, really dig what CHEAP POP and WhiskeyPaper are doing, including the continued innovation of their talented editors (Robert James Russell+Elizabeth Schmuhl and Leesa Cross-Smith+Loran Smith, respectively); and I certainly look forward to being part of what Mojave River Review has in store (for example, their press-end will release a fiction collection by Leesa Cross-Smith and a poetry collection by Daniel Romo later this year).

Good company!

Stay tuned for more detailed updates, including links, updates to the publications page, a complete overhaul later in the year, and hopefully the addition of more work to share.

Na zdravie.

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