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Please enjoy “Windswept,” an early short story of mine that I’ve made available here in its entirety. This piece was originally published in Nib Magazine (now defunct).

A sharp jolt of pain shot from his pinned arm and froze him at the top of a lingering breath, where a flash of his son’s smile, his wife’s face, and the color of the girl’s touch were waiting like a mirage; but they were loath to stay and quickly turned to black as the pain eased its grip on Ernie’s nerves, allowing a final bounty of oxygen to leave his lungs and dissipate into the night air like a quick puff from a cigarette.

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Wednesday Write-in #22: Mistakes Made at High Speed

Wednesday Write-in #22 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: three’s a crowd  :: nostalgia  ::  case


I’m not about to miss this green for a patent idiot like you! thought the impatient man in the Mazda just before racing around a distraught Isuzu and speeding through the intersection on yellow, whereupon he struck down a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Who knows what that girl was thinking at the moment of impact, that moment when her light went out like a blown fuse. One witness said the girl was listening to music and looking straight ahead when she trotted into the street and met her fate. Horrible, he said, just horrible the way she twitched. Didn’t even see it coming. Someone yelled but she couldn’t hear them. The police confirmed the man’s account when they found her blue headphones near the sewer drain.

Three’s a crowd for a Monday morning intersection in the city.

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