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GLOOM WON’T STAY PAST MORNING published in The Tishman Review

Well, I’ll be: a story I wrote a long time ago (and never gave up on) has found a home in the pages of The Tishman Review issue 1.4.

Read “Gloom Won’t Stay Past Morning”

I must send special thanks Jennifer Porter and the rest of the editorial team at The Tishman Review–without their help, this story might never have seen the light of day. I certainly look forward to reading the rest of the issue.

Of course, I always enjoy feedback on my work. Use the Comments section below. Twitter (@pen_tight). Facebook.



PS The Tishman Review runs a mini-contest for each of its issues: Readers’ Favorite and Staff Favorite. The former is a live poll on the TR website which we, the readers, can vote on. Winners (writers) receive a cash prize. So read the issue and support the cause–let the world know what kind of literature you like seeing disseminated:




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