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21st Century Playtime

“Amanda, what are those plastic things that those people out there walk behind?”

“Out in there in the street? I dunno. Sometimes one tells my mom which way to go in the car. It plays music and talks and stuff.”

“Geez, that’s a lot of things to do at once. Is that why they’re holding them in their hands like that? Why do they stare into them while they walk?”

“They must see forward better than eyeballs.”

“It looks like that man is talking to his. Are they alive? They must have little eardrums in them too.”

“And robot voices. My dad asked his a question yesterday and it answered and it sounded weird.”

“So they can do everything?”

“I guess so. I think that’s why everyone is always playing with them and not with each other. Rock, paper, scissors. Ready?”

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