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Wednesday Write-in #28: Three Days Removed

Wednesday Write-in #28 @ CAKE.shortandsweet

Prompts: farewell  ::  pocketful  ::  feeding  ::  thief  ::  maroon


June 8, 2000

I have marooned myself with limited provisions. Tobacco and papers, yes. Some vegetables and bread.

I stole what I have.

I made no farewells.

I’ve a pocketful of regret already.

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Urban Perch

If I were to find solace in this concrete tundra, this structure maze, it wouldn’t just be in a specific place like the central park or the library. No, it would be in a time of day, too. And somewhere self-effacing.

“What did you do yesterday?”

“I crawled up the side of a building to a ledge and found a place in the overgrowth. I pulled my knees in close and watched the waitress girl sweep the sidewalk outside the restaurant across the street. Cars passed by and I saw them but I doubt their occupants saw me. And after the sun dipped below the point I watched the lights illuminate the sign above the door.”


Solace in a time of day, you see.


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